Be determined with your dreams hopes and desires. Be positive and fluidic in your mind without attachment and you will walk with the power that you created with your harnessed willpower. Overwhelming concerns and anxieties are often your perspectives and not reality.

Taking action is not necessarily a reaction. By taking care of what needs to be done in a logical and orderly manner will overcome obstacles you encounter with people and situations. Fear is a state of feeling powerless. Approach things in your life calmly and focused.

Overreacting negatively is hard to undo and will cause more complications than the problems itself. Your wisdom and skills will make changes under difficult times so switch off your emotions as necessary to focus on solutions, not problems.


Plan your moves, and your victories will follow.

Life can be difficult and complicated, but what seems to work will flow like magic. All of your life is a construct of dreams, hopes, and energies by your commitment and your approach. It’s just as easy to have a positive attitude and a grasp on your life and dreams that it is to create worries and anxieties to validate your perception.

Never underestimate the power of what you can accomplish and achieve. It is essentially about planning and the focus of your energy to change the probabilities of your dreams into realities when you fully understand that the world is a matrix. The world is forever acknowledging your perception and identification.

Life is a never-ending task, so it is best to master control of your life with balance, especially in these chaotic times of 2020. You are going to have to learn to excel in life because there are whirlwinds of change happening on the earth. Life is not easy, nor is it difficult. It is your reaction that is a response to life.

The more coherent in your emotions with a plan, the easier your life will become. Reality is your creation and discretion. As long as you are alive on earth you will have to be very attentive every step of the way to make your life happen and life is getting more and more difficult. Hang in there because life is challenging enough, for it is like a game.



Money is a symbol veiled with energy and power that collectively people trust has value. Money becomes the god, a currency that exchanges your time for a note, but in fact there is nothing real or tangible about paper with pictures and symbols.

So the real power in money is the belief in money. Money is printed by the governments and collectively they worship it and serve it.

Currency will change where money and paper notes will become obsolete. When money makes the transition to digital computerised currency then the monitoring will be on computers. This will take a greater cut into your freedoms and make you plugged into the rulers of the world that control the matrix.

This is a blueprint from money to digital and a gold based system. There is a breakdown in the value of money unless it is reset to be based on gold and something real. The basic fundamental principle about money is a belief system.

Understand money and how it works but don’t be consumed by it because the real currency is wisdom and knowledge because money is not who you are in reality.



When you have been asleep and you are awakened by a call you check the time and orientate yourself from the deep sleep, so should the events happening now on the planet be your wake up call. A call for action. Either you answer the phone and rise, or you turn off the alarm clock and fall asleep with the rest of the masses.

The coronavirus episode was engineered as a ‘plandemic’ to break the economy and use it as a weapon to the world, in particular toward Donald Trump, his supporters, and the Republican Party. It seems their turf and control are being psyched so this coronavirus is a retaliation of all the great points made by Donald Trump and for the economy.

You are at the doorstep of desperation and systematic agents are being set up to propagandise. There is a polarisation of politics when you need a union. Never has there been such love and hate with a president and a party. Countries were bombed and programmed with a belief system set up by the New World Order to create wars between Muslims and Christians and now there is a great disdain for China from the rest of the World. There will always be one society pitted against the other.

The planet’s north pole and the magnetic pole is changing intensively and rapidly and affecting the forcefields of the world and Van Allen belts. By the summer there will be incredible heat waves, with intensive winters and earthquakes, and a total recalibration of the earth experience. Volcanos and asteroids and meteorites are increasing in intensity. Think of the coronavirus as a test module to see how easy the world is controlled through fear.

What is about to happen is much more intensive, so the wake up call is to be prepared. Listen to the pulse of the earth and be prepared for transition and formation, which will be a lot more important anti-political leaders. Do not underestimate the cabal releasing more toxic measures of pandemics. That is why there is a wake-up call to unite, so you can see what is going on.

See things as a community and not as a divided world. The agenda is not pleasant so piece together the facts because the world is full of deception and half-truths. The more pieces of the puzzle you have the more you can fit together with your reality.



Dear souls, you are all wonderful and precious and many of you have gone astray and have fallen asleep. This is easily done when you live in a world where god is money and fear is the lack of. You are continually inundated with propaganda and completely detached from the knowledge of nature and the earth and animals. Your minds have been pulled out of your bodies and hearts and you are being programmed en masse to be generators of fear and collective manipulation, you need to put a stop to that.

So I am reaching out to help you pull the plug of fear. Sit and ground yourself and stop running fear because you are all internal beings. As long as you keep downloading and processing reactions of the world through hate or amusement and curiosity, all of those will download the viruses encapsulated in the programming of the overlords of your world. The elite do not have respect or appreciation for any of you. Loving they are not. They will take whatever the can for your life-force to support their unloving unspiritual agendas.

You are being led down a path of technological enslavement that is not for you. Your minds have been engrossed with simulations of electromagnetic pulses that trigger the mind like a drug and opiate, replacing the beauty of nature and the excitement of life with fear and slavery. Right now is about time for major growth and major battle. This is an epic time and you had to go through many battles within yourself to be prepared for this time, you that are of the light. Think about an immune system being ready to take on any oppression and attenuate your psyches and mind to the higher frequencies of knowing, then you are making ascension.

Things will fall into place. You are where you need to be. There are many states, there is mass darkness in the world and there is light. Find your clan and collective mindsets and do not waste your time to convince the brainwashed and stubborn. You will begin to awaken and much of your memories of your real dimensional self will start manifesting, as well as your powers. Your reality is not the same as the others because they do not have the bandwidth to be in touch with the wonders of the world and the universe.

Detach from fear and worry and follow your inspirations and put your energy into making those manifest. Find the company of the enlightened and stay away from the illusion.



We are in a marvellous time of synchronicity in the universe. It is an epic time for transition and activation of the consciousness and soul that inhabits the body. The body is a very limited vehicle for consciousness, self-relation, and self-awareness. It isn’t until you activate your superconscious connection that you will remember what you are. The most fundamental element of the brain is between lobes and is the seat of the soul. The pineal gland has cones for inner vision and takes command to the base of the spine in both hemispheres of logical space and time and sequencing, to the non-logical creative side of the human spirit. The activation of the pineal gland opens the throttle of consciousness to the entity and soul spark in your bodies.

Fluoride and the engineered food is designed to deactivate the sacred part of consciousness in mind, body, and experience. This is why fluoride was added. You are at an epic of inner dimensional frequency bonding to all matter and dimensions to the central galaxy. New information is being realised in this sector of the galaxy. All matter of consciousness and all states of being will be affected. With this there will be many changes to the planet and a shift of the poles for realignment to the way the planet was supposed to be. With this will become a doorway that the builders of this planet and your souls are returning. This is known in the occult books and in the secret manuscripts all taken from Alexandria, and the Aztec to the Lemurian, Atlantean, and Sumerian.

Your consciousness and soul spark has not come online to access but will shortly. Time is moving at a rapid rate. Events are happening and your core natures are surfacing. Those that are selfish and unloving, that nature will be coming out. Those who are loving and wise and of higher knowing will be with the hidden powers. The planet is going through a great change, some call a cleansing but it is activation and 2020 vision of the inner dimensional frequencies that will be activated with waveforms, magnetic pulses, and a sense of knowing. All that is known in the astrological scriptures are the importance of the planets that will have a vibrational keynote that many of you will access now and are stepping into superconsciousness.

Your light body will give you greater potential and understanding and many of you will be connected with animals and birds. Fear is for the rebellious draconian overlords so that you don’t be activated as an army of light, but just biological vessels of base awareness and potential. That is why they want you so linked and programmed so that your consciousness is what they say in reality, and they do not want you linking to the inner dimensions or the higher planets. As you begin to open up you will start to see your family and your ancestral connections for many of you are not of this world and will have an understanding of the ancient of days when the Annunaki and Elohim walked this world. There is a vaccine designed with alien technology with nanoprobe chip devices and a central link of magnetic flux frequencies that will monitor you with great computers and your freedoms will be taken away.

This is an epic time for you to really understand the inner path and break away from your relationship to the world with a dream of nature and the potentiality of evolution. It is time for a new world and new consciousnesses and also a time for a dark world and the lower consciousness. As the world changes, those of the higher light will be in transition and those of the lower will be imprisoned into a lower frequency to recycle and start over. There will be many many sightings of very advanced vehicles coming to the planet in the next few months. Many of you will encounter these beings for they are your starseed family. Those that are in fear are stuck so let the dead bury the dead and do not waste your time trying to awaken others. If you look at the stars, and particularly the planets, open your pineal gland and you can see waveforms opening which will encode you with information.

This is what is coming to the planet now. This is why the overlords brought in the engineered virus because they don’t want too many people on the planet. It is going to be a very critical time, but a wondrous time for those of the know and on the path.



The gravity of the planets and position of the celestial bodies are clocks that affect the gravitational pull. The celestial bodies do affect conditions in the psyche, mind, and body, both singularly and collectively. On a physical level, it is a process but in reality it is magnetic conduction. We are all waves of energy and form and the range of the earth to the sun will amplify certain frequencies and natures that light up psychically, as well as within the collective consciousness.

Saturn is one of the strongest influences on man. It has extremely high magnetic radio waves and other waves that affect planetary bodies in this solar system. Saturn has always been acknowledged by the occult and secret societies because they know the power of this planet. Saturn represents the exposure of the nature of people, both hidden and overt, and their deeds of the past and present. This will amplify the nature and cycles which will burn out or will magnify.

Everything is reaching a change of state, a karmic release, and it is important to know that yourself and the people in your life are seeing the duality of their personalities and what they are. Others around you will activate the good things but also negative issues of other times from the past. This is especially important with family members and friends. Everything is being bought to the table by the judge. Saturn is the judge and this is a time for great release, healing, and completing cycles.

If you have been in toxic relationships it is good to close the door. The greatest karma is to work on youself. Learn to complete cycles to heal ancient relationships with others. This is a time for great growth and also of great loss, but it is the resurrection of your power. More importantly, learn to glow and be on your course, working with and against the currents as you need to. Never underestimate the power of your soul to guide you.

Much is happening on many levels but do not be distracted and look to your inner guidance and duties. The density and substance of people is going to be cast. The spiritual beings will break free and the takers will become more and more dead in a physical dementia. All of their toxic identifcation will be amplified and extreme. Be aware, for time as you know it is accelerating quickly and resequencing.

These chain of events are happening quickly, for the earth is ready to be pulsed with magnetic innerdimensional upgrades as well as solar flares, all of which will churn up your advancement.



When you run into negative souls you must learn to be mindful of the energy you flow at someone. This is why cognitive dissonance increases and you continue making cords with people. Be one of the masters of life by not participating with negative people.

Fear has no power if you refuse to participate and react. This is the inroad with how fear controls you. People are fear-driven because they don’t have a connection to their soul or inner voice directly linked to the presence of the Universe which is consciousness. They are asleep in the world dimension.

The greatest lesson you can learn in life is to respect others and to know that your realities are not the same and that is ok. You must ask yourself what reality you have to share with others. Understand the soul is powerful but if in the company of disruptive souls it becomes part of those patterns and you become group consciousness, instead of an individual agent seeking to graduate this earth school and boot camp, and that is up to you.

One very important thing is to be cautious and choose those of your tribe and clan with the same belief systems and awareness levels and bandwidth. Be very careful about having too much compassion for people who are takers and will give you nothing.

Understand to always check the boundaries of others by how you feel when you make exchanges with them. Even your family members are independent variables and can somehow be against the freedom of self-expression and mastery. Your world is a seed to grow so remove all of the holes created by being involved with wreckless people with their intention to provoke things.

Remove the toxic work environments. It is then the natural function of the soul to manifest because you’ve released the virus of others. You will find you are not drained and sickened because sickness is very contagious with the elements of the outer. If you find yourself having to get back at others with revenge instead of resolution then all that extra energy you are downloading from the situation is the drama of yourself and others. It is a magnet and will pull the same energy back to you.

Learn compassion, love, and understanding but turn the volume down to zero with negative people and your life will expand to its greatest potential. What is happening is divide and conquer with hatred, whether political or religious, all set for you to argue, and when you get into that trap it is fear-based. So find your light within to bring the best to yourself and the world.


Artist unknown.


Interesting times indeed. The disclosure of the secret space higher technologies are going to make themselves manifest. Elon Musk is now launching many rockets carrying satellites with holographic technologies. Starlink will not only do surveillance but also set up a grid to keep higher energies from coming to the earth and also holographic projections, all part of project blue beam. This realm is like a movie and they seed your minds with misinformation where it will get to the point you won’t be able to trust your own eyes.

They will use technology far beyond your imagination, for humans have been dumbed down with pseudo sciences and propaganda. Meanwhile, there are super sciences and they are not necessarily from this planet. Those of the light that have loving and caring nature will begin to see themselves. They will begin to resonate with their true self and oversoul to open up and be blessed with a light body out of phase with physical form and energies of the planet.

There is going to be a solar flash entering the photon belt which will enter all life on the planet. Some of the herd will stand on their feet while the dumb sheep will be stuck with Artificial Intelligence instead of making a quantum leap of where they need to be. So much is going to be happening. The currency you use for money is being digitized and paper money will be worthless. Your currency will no longer be accepted.

Through social distancing, they can record your physical gait and appearance with cameras. There is a supercomputer who has tried to predict who you are. Soon people will use machines for thinking, for knowledge will be sought through Artificial Intelligence which is now programming you into one big linked computer system.

When the earth changes its rotation the ancient crystals will activate the higher frequencies that give awareness to everyone. If you don’t have an active pineal gland you will be linked to Artificial Intelligence. Many of you will notice changes in your body and energy and will remember who you are on a soul level. Some will be blessed with a mark on their forehead which will be an indicator that the third eye is open and connects to the soul cord and your ancestry for it is remembrance.

Some of you have paid the karmic debt in your incarnations. It is not about worshipping saviors or worshipping a god, but an awakening of that god spark you have in you.


Artist unknown.


You are at a very exciting time and there has been a lot of malicious attempts with Donald Trump’s presidency, when he and his administration are in fact arresting individuals who are in house arrest for human trafficking, blood sacrifice, and cannibalism. The supply of adrenochrome will not come from the tears of children. There are caverns in deep underground units of the world leaders who have been working with very dark agents in satanic ritual fraternities and sororities and their secret lives are being exposed.

This is why they keep attacking Donald Trump and his administration because they are in fear of their exposure. There has been a massive acceleration of the agenda of the Bilderberg Group, the United Nations, and the World Health Organisation. They’re desperately trying every move they can to halt the clearing of the swamp of your political leaders. They do not care if they kill American people like 9 11 or if they deceive. They do not want their way of life to be altered.

There is a Great War going on that you aren’t seeing with the Coronavirus. There will be disclosure and Donald Trump’s space force has been around longer than his administration. There are other advanced races of the earth and they are wanting to help humanity. The cabal and very rich have been aware of much devastating earth changes. China, Russia, Switzerland, and other world countries have a vast network of underground safety bases for potential catastrophic events that could happen.

This planetary body returns every 3600 years. there will be a lot of sightings of space craft which will be doing their part to take out meteorites that could potentially hit the earth. There is about to occur change at all levels to your perceptions and spiritual awareness to your place in the heavens and the universe. What you have been going through for the past two weeks is preparation for intense times ahead. Donald Trump is going great lengths to keep things as sane as possible in these times.

If they succeed in taking out Donald Trump then you will all be forced a world economy of one of the greatest depressions in the history of the world which will lead to chaos. Please exercise good judgment during these times and follow your heart and instincts. This is a time of great cleansing and there are still a lot of battles on both sides that go beyond what you can do. Try to keep yourself calm and right with your soul.

Understand the rulers of the world control you with religion and money that keeps you enslaved and mankind from being more advanced. Because their agendas have been based on lies and suppression it is not sustainable and is crumbling. Keep your integrity and live to the highest potential during these times, because the vibration of your force field invites you to these experiences.